Episode 4: Day 4 – Skanturday in the Rio, I think it was STLV

And after a winter’s nap we have returned with Day 4 from STLV 2017. In today’s episode we’re on Skant Watch 2017: In search of Bill Smith and Dan Davidson in Skants, spoiler we did find them and a lot of other people wearing them; we talk to Katy MacKenzie about service animals at STLV; Kevin Dilmore about Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments from Hallmark; I run into people from Ohio; Laura Sirikul about why representation in Star Trek Discovery is so important; Kids really do say the darnest things; We meet up with some members of the Niners Baseball Team; and we have witnesses that will testify in open court that I do not snore. All that and Vendors Room traffic updates on the 9’s.

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